… when it goes hand-in-hand with responsibility.

Responsibility is the other side of freedom. You can’t talk about one without the other, because the two concepts must go hand-in-hand in or- der to work effectively. Unfortunately, this is the part that many people don’t understand. Often, people want the freedom to do things their way, but don’t want to take the responsibility for their actions.

During the last few years in this country, we’ve developed an emphasis on selfishness. There’s even been a name coined for people growing up in the last decade — the “me” generation. Sometimes it seems that everybody is concerned with what the other person can do for them. You know how it goes, “Give me my freedom, give me my rights, give me everything.” But the problem is that often people don’t want to put anything back in. They don’t take the time to consider other people’s rights and freedoms. All they want to know is, “What can I get out of this country? What can I get out of this job? What’s in it for me?”

As a leader, you must help your people understand that there are responsibilities that go with basic freedoms. The price for those freedoms is work, commitment, fairness, and consideration of others. They have a responsibility to follow the basic rules of the company or organization. It can’t be a one-way street. No one in any company can have unlimited freedom and no responsibility. People must be willing to take full responsibility for their work and the results of it.

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