Leaders really know their people, their families, their goals, their abilities, and their dreams.

The most important part of building personal relationships is really getting to know your people. I can’t imagine working with someone everyday and not knowing his family, his wife’s name, how many children they have, and so on. A person’s family is a central part of his life, and few things mean more to him than knowing that the importance of his family is recognized. The ups and downs of family life have a strong impact on business performance. If you know the families of your people, you’ll know when problems occur at home and you’ll be better able, as a leader, to deal with the effect of those problems on the job.

Knowing people will help you in your efforts to “push them up” as well. The closer your relationship, the better you know that person’s strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, when one of your people is having difficulty in some area, you’ll be able to recognize the source of his problem, based on your knowledge of him as a person. Your job of training him and helping to build up his strengths becomes easier, and you’re able to offer more help than you would if you barely knew him.

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