Treat your people with respect.
Your people aren’t numbers on your own success chart. They’re real people, and they deserve to be treated that way. Most people are good people. They don’t ask for a lot —just to be treated with basic courtesy and respect. Lots of people in America are fed up with being treated like kids. I’ve seen proof of that in our business.
For years, insurance salesmen were taught to use high-pressure, fast-talking, hard-closing sales pitches. They worked under the assumption that consumers couldn’t understand the complicated business of life insurance, so they didn’t even try to explain it. They just tried to overwhelm the client with a lot of facts and figures. As a result, a poll a few years ago showed insurance salesmen at the bottom of a list of respected occupations.
I didn’t want our company built that way. We instituted a sales process that prevented the sales people from selling on their first visit. They used that time for explaining the product to the client. The results were incredible. People responded like you wouldn’t believe to simply being treated as intelligent adults who could understand basic concepts.
Remember, your people want to be treated just like you do. They have ideas and opinions, too. Let them know that you see them as mature, intelligent adults, not as school children who need to be watched and led by an office “parent.”

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