Most managers lead by fear and intimidation, they think that being tough is being a leader.


How to successfully lead:

Leaders add the human factor to all aspects of their business.
In most areas of life, it’s pretty obvious that you should “treat people good.” But in the business world, it’s often a different case. Too many managers think that “management” means treating people in a way they would never want to be treated themselves.
Most managers are good people by nature. And there are reasons why they behave the way they do toward their people. A lot of it has to do with tradition. People tend to pattern themselves after the managers that they’ve had. This is especially true of new managers.
The problem is that many people don’t have very good models to follow. Too often, managers in the traditional business world have been taught to lead by threats and intimidation. It goes back to that view of the boss as the one who bosses others around!
Any kind of genuine caring is considered a sign of weakness. If you’re “too nice,” traditional managers say, your people will take advantage of you. You’ve got to be tough in order to win people’s respect.
I don’t think that’s true. I firmly believe that you can be a caring, concerned person and still be firm and make tough decisions. People will respect you if you are a strong and committed leader, who lets them know that you see them as human beings, not just nameless faces.

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